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Southern New Englanders marvel at lack of snow

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EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – It’s hard to believe not a flake has fallen in Rhode Island or Southeastern Massachusetts this season, with just days to go until 2016.

That could change Monday night into Tuesday, when the Pinpoint Weather Team is tracking snow and sleet. It’s a welcome change for a lot of Southern New Englanders.

“I haven’t liked it, it just feels like it’s not Christmas season at all,” said Bill Murphy of East Providence.

“It didn’t feel like Christmas,” Connie Barbosa agreed. “I had my doors wide open.”

Barbosa, however, hasn’t minded the warm temperatures. She’s still recovering from last winter’s harsh chill and heavy snowfall.

“I’m a little traumatized,” Barbosa admitted.

Her husband Hildeberto Barbosa feels the opposite way.

“If it snows tomorrow, that’s good. Let it snow,” he said. The snow is particularly beneficial to him, since he works as a snow plow driver.

“I’m really hoping it’ll be a little chillier,” Bill Murphy said. He’s also still lamenting the heavy snowfall last winter (he’s a teacher, and school was often cancelled), but would appreciate a little dusting to make it feel more like winter.

According to the record books, if it snows Monday night it will be the 7th latest first snowfall in Providence history. If the flakes don’t come until Tuesday morning, it will be the 6th. The record-holder for the latest first snowfall is 1928, when it didn’t snow in Providence until January 16.