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Police: Quincy officer fired shots, threatened to kill police

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RAYNHAM, Mass. (WPRI) — The 18-year veteran of the Quincy Police Department who engaged in a standoff with police Monday night threatened to kill officers and fired two shots at a door when he knew an officer was on the other side, a Raynham police report said.

The report obtained by Eyewitness News details the situation that unfolded on Britton Street that resulted in a three-hour armed standoff between Officer Keith Wilbur and the Raynham-Taunton SWAT team, along with Massachusetts State Police and other police departments.

According to the police report, Wilbur’s wife called police Monday night to report him missing, fearing for his safety. While on the phone with Raynham police, Wilbur returned home and become angry that his wife called the police. He barricaded himself in his basement, where police say he keeps 74 firearms registered to his name.

Quincy Police Officer Keith Wilbur
Quincy Police Officer Keith Wilbur

Officer Frank Pacheco writes in the report that he talked to Wilbur, who was apparently drunk, through the basement door, trying to get him come out. Pacheco writes, “Keith continued to yell and swear and tell me not to come down the stairs or he would murder me. I then heard the sounds of a firearm being loaded.”

Police say Wilbur shot two rounds up the stairs into the basement door, with Officer Pacheco on the other side.

After a three-hour standoff in which police say Wilbur periodically left the home armed with a rifle, Wilbur surrendered to the police. He was charged with armed assault with intent to murder, threatening to commit a crime, carrying a firearm under the influence of liquor, discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling and destruction of property.

He appeared in Taunton District Court for an arraignment Tuesday afternoon, remaining hidden behind a door. A dangerousness hearing was set for Friday, when the matter of his bail will also be determined.

Officer Keith Wilbur peers through the glass in a door as he hid from view during his arraignment at Taunton Trial Court. (Photo: Mike Gay/Taunton Gazette)
Officer Keith Wilbur peers through the glass in a door as he hid from view during his arraignment at Taunton District Court. (Photo: Mike Gay/Taunton Gazette)

Wilbur’s mother, who only identified herself as Cindy, briefly defended her son outside court.

“It’s not as bad as people are making it out to be,” she said. “My son is not like that.”

Wilbur’s defense attorney Josh Werner said he doesn’t believe his client has a mental health issue and that the incident was likely stress-related.

“Being a cop these days is not an easy job,” Werner said. “There are an amazing number of stressors that we as general citizens can’t even believe to understand what they go through on a daily basis.”

Werner said he would more fully explain Wilbur’s side of the story at Friday’s hearing.

Wilbur has been suspended from the Quincy Police Department with pay pending an investigation. He’s been with the force for 18 years. Before that, according to his mother, Wilbur served in the United States Air Force.

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