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Store manager searches for owner of lost wedding band

[anvplayer video=”1192840″] NORTH ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WPRI) — A manager at Lowe’s is looking for the owner of a wedding band he believes may have fallen off while its owner was shopping for a Christmas tree.

Chris Jordan manages the outdoor department at the South Washington Street Lowe’s in North Attleboro, where he has spent much of the holiday season selling Christmas trees and wreaths. This past Friday, Jordan said he saw something shiny glinting in the sun on the ground.

“I was walking back here to throw something away at my gate,” he said in an interview with Eyewitness News on Tuesday. “In pine needles, right here, in this spot…was this ring.”

The ring, which appears to be a man’s wedding band, was on the ground in a spot where a group of Christmas trees had been displayed for several weeks. After the trees sold out, the area was cleared and Jordan discovered the ring. He believes the owner may have dropped it any time between Thanksgiving and December 16.

“I looked at it, and I said ‘whoa,'” Jordan said. When no one immediately came forward to claim the ring, he became concerned that the owner was searching for it elsewhere. He has checked with cashiers daily in hopes someone would return for the ring.

“Obviously, he didn’t think of Lowe’s Christmas trees,” Jordan said. “But here it is. So hopefully we can find that guy that it fits.”

Jordan hopes to reunite the wedding band with the hand on which it belongs before Christmas.

“I pray to god it makes a whole family happy,” Jordan said. “Especially the wife, because I know she’s probably the one like, ‘where did it go and why is it off your finger?,'” he joked.

The rightful owner of the ring will need to describe what is written on the inside of the band. And of course, it will need to fit.