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Dan Doyle’s daughters testify for defense in embezzlement trial

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SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (WPRI) — The first full day of defense in the ongoing Dan Doyle trial got underway Tuesday morning, with Doyle’s daughters taking the stand in defense of their father.

While on the stand Tuesday, daughters Julia Doyle, Caroline Erhard, and Meg Doyle wore matching black outfits with white flowers pinned to their lapels.

Two of his daughters testified that the Institute, a nonprofit on URI’s Kingston campus, paid for their private college education. Meg Doyle said the tuition payments were part of her father’s “package.”

“My parents helped me with loans for most of it,” Meg Doyle said of her Bates College tuition. “And then the Institute paid for a small portion of it.”

The state of Rhode Island is accusing Doyle of embezzling more than $1 million from the nonprofit, and spending the money on personal expenses including plastic surgery, groceries, and his daughters’ tuition.


The prosecution said he was using the organization as a “personal piggy bank.”

Doyle and his defense team have denied all charges against him, saying all of his expenditures were done by the book.

Meg Doyle testified that the Board of Directors was aware that the Institute’s funds were going towards her college tuition, including board chairman Russell Hogg.

“I always had to make sure that I thanked him and thanked the board for our tuition remission,” Doyle said.

Julia Doyle said the same of her tuition payments to Oberlin College.

“I would always thanks him for my tuition,” she testified, referring to Mr. Hogg. “And would also ask him to thank the board for my tuition.”

Steve Marocco, the owner of Elmwood Sports Center, Inc., also testified Tuesday about selling merchandise to both the nonprofit Institute and Dan Doyle’s for-profit summer camps in Connecticut. Marocco said Doyle was always clear about the separation between the nonprofit and the private summer camps, and Marocco always invoiced the organizations separately for all services.

Doyle’s defense attorney Michael Blanchard said Doyle hasn’t decided if he’ll be taking the stand during the remainder of the trial.