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Board of Elections executive director ordered to take management classes

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The Rhode Island Board of Elections has voted to suspend its executive director and required him to take management classes in order to keep his job.

The board voted 5-0 on the measure Monday night. There was one abstention.

According to Chairman William West, Kando will be suspended for 15 days beginning Feb. 1. He’s required to take management courses at a school of higher learning.

“The board decided he needed to improve his managerial skills,” said West.

West said Kando would be reviewed by the board after his third management class.

The original motion on the table was to fire Kando as the head of the Board of Elections. The suspension and management classes were a remedy the board decided on Monday night.

When asked what Kando did wrong, West said it had to do with a “personnel issue.”

Kando earned $143,624 in 2015, according to state records. He’s been executive director of the BOE for ten years, according to West.

West said it’s important to handle this issue now, before November.

“This is what the Board has decided to do,” he said. “Hopefully, everything will go smoothly and we can put this behind us before the election.”

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